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Retreat Line

  • OSU endorses the use of the retreat line at the grassoots ages. It is a great mechanism to help assist both teams with playing out from the back after a goal-kick and ensuring they are not overwhelmed by the other team
  • Click Here to visit Ontario Soccer's guide for implementing the retreat line: Ontario Soccer - Retreat Line

Field Dimensions @ The FUNdamental Ages

When designing your playing area at the field, please follow the recommendations below for the correct sized fields and goals:


  • Field: 18-22 Metres (width) & 25-30 Metres (length)
  • Goals: Pugg Nets


  • Field:25-30 Metres (width) & 30-36 Metres (length)
  • Goals: No larger than 5 feet x 8 feet


  • Fields: 25-30 Metres (width) & 30-36 Metres (length)
  • Goals: No larger than 5 feet x 8 feet

Using the Four Corner Model @ Ottawa South United

The material below is adapted from The English FA

What is the Four-Corner Model?


The four-corner model is designed to consider all of the elements which go into individual player development. It helps us as coaches shift away from focusing on solely one area, while neglecting others.


Please see the breakdown below of the four main components:



When designing your sessions on Sport Session Planner, please consider these factors in your weighting of activities. Periodically throughout the season, you are expected to review how your activities have been allocated and ensure you are touching on all areas in your coaching as per below: