Ranked #1 Soccer Club in Ottawa

Community & Global Partner in the Beautiful Game

OSU is committed to supporting the growth and development of the beautiful game, both within our immediate community and internationally. As such, we have committed each year to ensuring that we share our club resources with community partners in Canada and abroad. 

Here are a few ways that OSU is able to support the community:

  • donation of soccer uniforms and equipment
  • donation of coaching resources to assist community groups 
  • supporting Special Olympics events with coaching resources and equipment
  • supporting local organizations who aim to assist newcomers to Canada with integration into soccer
  • supporting local schools with equipment and resources in order to teach soccer within their schools
  • utilizing teams and club programs to help raise funds or goods for local organizations 
  • raising funds for charity, through soccer events such as CHEO and the Breast Cancer Foundation of Canada

Overall, we aim to share the responsibilty of social good through our club members, and teach our youth athletes the need for being a contributing member to society.

If you are looking to donate equipment, please contact