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OSU Financial Assistance Programs

OSU's Help the Kids Play Fund 

OSU's Help the Kids Play fund was established by the Board of Directors to ensure that all children who wish to play soccer have the opportunity to do so.

Through the generosity of our families, and third-party programs, such as Canadian Tire's JumpStart program, we are able to ensure that children across our area have the chance to play each year by covering their costs to register and participate in the OSU programs.

In addition, OSU takes steps in the broader community, by connecting directly with local elementary and secondary schools to help connect children and families in need, with children who have a keen interest in soccer.

For families in need, they should complete this form:  Application Form

Note: OSU does not collect or retain any official financial or tax documents from families. 

After completing the form, you will be contacted with the next steps.

Financial Assistance Programs

The following Financial Assistance Program links are provided as a courtesy to help families in need of financial support in order for kids to be able to play and be healthy. It is important to note that applications must be done early in the season as the grants are issued early and can take up to 6-8 weeks for processing.

In addition to this, OSU supports our own Help The Kids Play Fund, which provides funding for players within OSU to ensure that every player has the opportunity to play at their appropriate level, regardless of financial support available to them.


kidsport canada - ontario

KidSport Canada - Ontario

KidSport™ is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance to kids who just want to play some sports!

Canadian Tire JUMP START program
Canadian Tire JUMP START Program
Applications for assistance can typically be submitted from January 15 to November 1, (varies by Chapter) with the goal to be equitably distributed over Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter activities. The funding is distributed with a focus on maximizing the cost and length of participation per activity per child.

Their Opportunity

The foundation’s program is set up to promote, foster and increase access to amateur sport through the provisions of financial assistance and support to children ages 5 to 18 who might not otherwise be able to participate in amateur sport due to the associated costs.