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FD1: Click Here for Ontario Soccer's Grassroots Curriculums

FD3: Click Here to see how you can incorporate physical literacy into your training sessions from Ontario Soccer

FD4: Click Here to see Recreational & Developmental Options at OSU in U8

FD5: Click Here to see the recommended playing formats as endorsed by OSU from Ontario Soccer

FD6: OSU implements game day rosters, by selecting how many players are available to attend an event, and from there we determine where each player plays, based on the following factors;

  • positional distribution amongst the teams
  • overall number of players needed for each team
  • opponents, and their relative ability/strength
  • attendance and performance in training and games

FD7: OSU uses size 3's for the FUNdamentals age groups

FD8: OSU at the FUNdamentals age groups has one-hour blocks, of which 20 minutes is allocated for physicaly literacy, and 40 minutes for the technical theme of the week, along with game play. Overall, the expected "focus" time is between 30-40 minutes, with some informal play at the beginning and end.

For Recreational stream they have 1one session a week which incorporates practice and game elements. For U6 and U7, 70 Minutes of time is allotted and for U8, 90 Minutes is allotted. During this time span the coaches have half the time to work on the OS session provided. The last 30 or 40 minutes is then dedicated to their game portion. 

FD9: OSU implements approximately 12 week summer programs, as found by the start and end dates here: Click Here for Summer Recreational Outlines

FD11: OSU endorses the player developmental model


FD13: OSU's Pre-Academy Program holds Trials, which allow parents to have 5 weeks of programming before determining if they would like to committ to the program. No players are de-selected from the program, and everyone is offered a position in the program.

FD15: OSU endorses Ontario Soccer's guidelines towards recommended playing time, per play, per game event as found here: Click Here for Guidelines from Ontario Soccer

FD16: OSU offers two training sessions per week, plus one game-day, over the course of the season. If an extra game or festival is scheduled, then their regular game-day will be cancelled or moved. For recreational, their progam now includes one game per week plus one training session is available in addition to this. 

FD17: Game durations for the FUNdamental age groups at OSU are recommended to be 50 minutes total.

FD19: OSU implements the dribble-in for the FUNdamentals age groups and strongly encourages this. We have been doing this internally since 2014. No throw-ins are implemented at these ages.

FD20: OSU implements the retreat line, and encourages all coaches to have access to this document which helps them better understand how to implement it: Ontario Soccer - Guideline to the Retreat Line

FD21: OSU utilizes the recommended goals and field sizes as appropriate to their ages. From U6 to U7 and U8, the field sizes will adjust slightly. 

FD24: OSU aims for a 1:8 Ratio in both Recreational and Pre-Academy streams at the FUNdamental ages.

FD25: OSU recommends the following practice building methods:

  1. Game-Activity-Game
  2. Technique Sessions
  3. Technique-Skill-Game
  4. Futsal
  5. Street Soccer / Free Play