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Force Academy Uniform Policy and Information

OSU will enter into a new 3 year uniform cycle in Fall 2022. Below is some helpful information and our Uniform Policy for you:

The Uniform policy fosters a sense of professionalism and unity within the Club by demonstrating greater respect for the uniform and a “club” look at practices, games and tournaments.

Uniform Package #1 - Force Academy Black & White 

Uniform Package #2 - Force Academy Blue, Iron, Steel, Navy

Practice Uniform - All Players

OSU is a NIKE club and as such only NIKE uniforms and equipment is acceptable. 
 ( Does not apply to Cleats, shin guards and Keeper gloves )

  • All players are required to follow the OSU Uniform policy. No Exceptions 
  • All Force Academy players in age categories U9-U17/18 are responsible for purchasing their own team uniforms 
  • Each player must wear club NIKE uniforms at each game
  • Player will have socks pulled up and shirts tucked at all times from warm up to the end of the games.
  • Players will warm up for games in their Nike practice t-shirt and then change into their uniform
  • All players on the Black and White Academy teams are required to wear the official NIKE track suit to and from the game and when traveling. This applies to all members of the team.

Training Uniform and Equipment:

  • Players will wear the appropriate official club training kit (t-shirt, shorts, socks) and bring their Nike ball properly inflated to all training sessions. NO EXCEPTIONS 
  • In the event of cold weather players should wear the official Nike club track Suit or Hoodie


  • All competitive uniforms are to be same across the Club, no exceptions.
  • In the event players do not conform to these policies, it is up to the coach and team manager of the team to enforce the policy using best judgment; this should include taking away playing time for repeated or serious violations.
  • In the event coaches do not enforce the policy, the Club will use its best judgment to develop appropriate sanctions.
  • The logos on training uniforms, and any Ottawa South United S.A Uniforms will be the same.
  • Only club sponsors are permitted on the OSU uniforms, track suits, back packs, training gear, etc...

Uniform Numbers

  • If a conflict occurs between two players that wish the same uniform number the player that was already part of the team has the first option for the particular number.
  • In the event this is a new team than the coach will make a decision on numbers.

Uniform Sponsorship

  • The Club reserves the right to secure sponsorship for all competitive uniforms / equipment to offset club costs

Barrhaven Source for Sports

Barrhaven Source for Sports


All uniforms are purchased at:

1581 Greenbank Rd, Nepean, ON K2J 4Y6