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Join the OSU Force Academy Program (Competitive Soccer)

New Players Welcome

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Process for New Players to OSU Force Academy:

  1. New players to the OSU Force Academy complete the form above to indicate their interest

  2. Players will complete their formal try-out registration in Demosphere prior to attending at this link: CLICK HERE

  3. You will be contacted by an OSU Coordinator with a schedule of events to attend if you are wishing to join outside of the Spring or Fall in-take periods

You can learn more about our program here:

Note: current Force Academy Players do not need to complete the form or process. You will be sent direct information.

Players in U13 and above who wish to specifically be assessed for the OPDL & PLSQ Programs should contact Jim Lianos: & indicate this on their form.

More information on OSU's OPDL & PLSQ  programs may be found here:

Additional Information

  • The first regular in-take period is in September-October each year, which allow us to select players into our winter programs

  • The second regular in-take period occurs in March each year, and is designed to select players for our summer teams and programs

  • Players may join OSU at anytime - please email: if you wish to join outside of the regular trial periods

Information on joining the OSU Force Academy:


  • Players must be registered in advance in order to attend

  • Players will be sent an offer to be placed within a team for the upcoming season. Their offer will include all registration information, cost and program details

  • Program costs are dependent upon the team in which they are selected for, and will be communicated to you specifically at the time of offer

Program Placement:

  • OSU believes in inclusive programming - will always do their best to offer as many teams as we have players for and to attempt to not have to release players who wish to play (no cuts if it can be avoided)

  • In the OSU Force Academy, players may be moved, based upon performance, between levels or teams within the season to ensure they are participating at the appropriate level

  • Force Academy Teams are named by colours (Black, White, Blue, Silver, Gold, Iron, Steel, Navy, Bronze) and are designated as per their level of play

  • The Force Academy Program is OSU’s competitive soccer program 

Schedules & Programming:

  • Pre-season training for summer teams will begin after April 1,  with their summer season beginning as of May 15th through August

  • Summer and winter teams will play in the appropriate tier in available leagues

  • Game play is generally within Eastern Ontario (other than provincial level play). At U10 and above, teams are permitted to travel outside of our area for festivals and tournaments. 

  • Training for winter program teams generally begins in late October or early November, and runs through until March Break. Winter programming is scheduled to begin as of November 1.



  • If you are willing to volunteer with team administration, please let your coordinator know

Tryout Schedules


Please contact at anytime to be evaluated for our Goalkeeper Academy and Teams